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Re: About SDL2-gpu

Hi Miriam,

On Sat, 29 May, 2021, 9:13 pm Miriam Ruiz, <miriam@debian.org> wrote:

I'm playing with SDL2-gpu [1], just for the sake of it, and in the
process of doing that I have created some initial packaging for it
[2]. I find it quite a nice library, but I am not sure whether it
would be useful to be added to the repo.

What do you think?

While it makes sense to only upload things that are really needed, and since you already made some (nice) efforts into packaging it, I think you really should upload this package.

This library might be used by some or the other game going forward. If not game, maybe a graphics/rendering software?

In worst case, it'll be unused but it'd still be OK I belive. There might be users who'd be interested in *playing around* with this library - just like you were playing around with it.

And if in future someone actually needs this package in future, and they do not see this email/link to your initial packaging, they will have to do it from scratch. While if it's already in the archive, doing changes and uploading makes it easier for everyone.

If it has a stable ABI, is usable, can be included in testing going forward and has a potential use for future - I don't see why this shouldn't get in.

That's completely my opinion there, though.


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