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Re: About SDL2-gpu

On Sun, May 30, 2021 at 1:09 PM Nilesh Patra wrote:

> In worst case, it'll be unused but it'd still be OK I belive.

Every additional package has a cost of some kind, for example: the
ftp-masters will review the package, the buildds and various
rebuilders (reproducible, cross, archive-rebuilds etc) will build the
package, various QA services will run tests on the package, various
folks will fix the issues found, porters will work on portability
issues, mirrors have more data to download, the Debian source DVDs
contain more data, users who follow new packages will spend time
reading the package description, users searching for packages might
have to skip over the package etc. I think it is appropriate to keep
that in mind when packaging things that aren't going to be used. The
use-cases you mention do potentially seem worth this cost though. I
also think for this sort of package the cost is much less than other
types of packages.



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