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Trigger Rally version 0.7

Hi games team members,

originally I wanted to learn how to create packages for Debian in order
to add the new Trigger Rally release myself. But yesterday I red that
Debian is already in freeze. Therefore, I would be to late for the next
release anyway – even if the new version was ready yet. We made quite
some progress but unfortunately don't have a new version ready to
release yet.

I am sad because I really wanted to include our progress into Bullseye.
On the other hand I didn't make any progress in creating any Debian
package yet. Therefore, we are kept back on two fronts.

So is Debian really already in freeze and we couldn't add a new version
now anyway? If there still was an opportunity I would rather make a new
release quickly than miss the new Debian version.

The following post isn't clear to me because Trigger Rally surely isn't
a key package and I don't understand what "packages without
autopkgtests" are:



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