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Re: Trigger Rally version 0.7

Hi Onsemeliot,

sadly you missed the freeze. No new source packages at the moment. However, this doesn't mean that you have no chance to package this bullseye at all. You can start by creating a package for Debian Sid, and once Bullseye is released, you can create a backport for Debian. Backports aren't shipped by default, but can be enabled in one line. Usually for gaming purposes, I would enable it anyway.


On Sat, 10 Apr 2021, 08:43 Onsemeliot, <onsemeliot@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi games team members,

originally I wanted to learn how to create packages for Debian in order
to add the new Trigger Rally release myself. But yesterday I red that
Debian is already in freeze. Therefore, I would be to late for the next
release anyway – even if the new version was ready yet. We made quite
some progress but unfortunately don't have a new version ready to
release yet.

I am sad because I really wanted to include our progress into Bullseye.
On the other hand I didn't make any progress in creating any Debian
package yet. Therefore, we are kept back on two fronts.

So is Debian really already in freeze and we couldn't add a new version
now anyway? If there still was an opportunity I would rather make a new
release quickly than miss the new Debian version.

The following post isn't clear to me because Trigger Rally surely isn't
a key package and I don't understand what "packages without
autopkgtests" are:



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