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Re: Sponsor request and help with the "surgescript" package

Hi Carlos,

Am Donnerstag, den 10.12.2020, 03:00 -0300 schrieb Carlos Donizete Froes:
> I am very grateful for the examples of packages you gave me as an
> inspiration.
> If you or another sponsor has free time, could you check my package? [1]

I have just uploaded surgescript to unstable. I had to make some changes to the

 - I changed the section of the surgescript binary package to games again
   because Lintian complained about a wrong section. Probably other people will
   find it easier to discover the package when it is in the games section.

 - The change required an update for surgescript.install because binaries for
   games are installed into /usr/games

 - The appstream metainfo file and the png icon were also installed with the 
   same Debian helper. I suggest to change dh_missing to the default value
   again in the future, then you won't miss new files.

Also a reminder for future packages; whenever you move files between different
binary packages then the new binary package must declare a Breaks and Replaces
relationship. In our case libsurgescript-dev provides files from the old
surgescript binary package. Hence you need 

Breaks: surgescript (<<
Replaces: surgescript (<<

to indicate that surgescript < must be removed before libsurgescript-
dev is installed. Otherwise there will be an error message and the installation
will fail which is a release-critical bug. 

Happy Christmas


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