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Re: package aseprite on raspian

On Tue, Dec 1, 2020, at 11:09 AM, Calum McConnell wrote:
> As mentioned, this package cannot be updated in Debian, or Raspbian for
> that matter.  Thank you for your offer to help, though!  Maybe checkout
> gimp or pixmap?  If you find another open-source sprite editor, we'd be
> happy to check it out!

Just on the off chance that it might be useful to someone, I shall take the opportunity to plug my own GPL3 pixel-editor: http://evilpixie.scumways.com/
Basically I couldn't find a modern editor which was sufficiently like Deluxe Paint/Animator, so I'm writing it myself.

Source code at http://github.com/bcampbell/evilpixie
(latest work is on master, despite what the web page says currently).

I'm planning to package it up myself at some point, but too many other things on the go right now...


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