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Game author interested in packaging his game

Hi debian-games members,

I developed a game with a friend:

It's a battleship board game with pirate theme, using pygame.
It's still in alpha stage, but it's totally playable.

I'd like the game to be packaged for Debian (if possible before the freeze ^^"). I'm wondering what I could do to make this happen?

I have some (little) experience with packaging, but I can give it a try. I'm not a DD, and I'd much prefer this package to be team-maintained than being a lone maintainer :-)

Should I ask to enter the game team group on salsa and start packaging the game? Or is anyone interested in packaging it? Is there an approval procedure for the game before starting packaging?

I'm not sure what's the right way to do the things, so, I'm ready to be enlightened ^^"

Thanks for your time,

PS: I'm subscribed to the list

fabien (captnfab)

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