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Re: [ANN] Preliminary debian source package of fortune-mod-2.14.0

Shlomi Fish kirjoitti 23.2.2020 klo 19.38:
> Hi all,
> see https://salsa.debian.org/shlomif-guest/fortune-mod which packages
> https://github.com/shlomif/fortune-mod of which I am the upstream.
> Currently the git history is a mess and lintian is unhappy, but the package
> finally builds using gbp!
> Merge requests and comments are welcome.

First merge request sent, https://salsa.debian.org/shlomif-guest/fortune-mod/-/merge_requests/1.

Please upload the "upstream" branch and tags of that repository in salsa
(and also the "pristine-tar" branch if there is one). Gbp does not work
without them and I was unable to build the package.


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