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Re: Please sponsor my game bug=923180

Am 06.03.19 um 03:20 schrieb Pedro Pena:
> Hello Markus,
> Good to hear you finally able to play infinitetux!
> I'll start working on applying your suggestions.
> As far as the OGA -BY license goes,it appears that 
> OpenGameArt does indeed have a specific license.
> I don't see any non commercial wording in it, so is it still o.k.
> to use?
> OpenGameArt has the following in the FAQ page.
> "OGA-BY 3.0 explicitly allows content to be relicensed under CC-BY 3.0.  
> Just change the license to CC-BY 3.0.  No need to get explicit permission
> to do this, as the license already allows it."
> https://opengameart.org/content/oga-by-30-faq
> Should I just re-license the file then?
> Thank you for your help!

Thanks for the link and clarification. Then OGA-BY-3.0 is just a
slightly modified version of CC-BY-3.0. I'm fine with that.

There is at least one -NC license though.

Files: src/main/resources/endscene.gif
Copyright: 2018, Pedro Pena <qbancoffee@yahoo.com>
License: CC-BY-NC-4.0
Comment: Modified by Pedro Pena link to source provided.

If the source file was already licensed this way, then you can't change
the license to a non-NC one. In this case you have to find another image
or the author might be willing to relicense it to CC-BY-4.0.

Something I forgot to write yesterday. The icon must be renamed to
infinitetux.png if you install it into the hicolor directory. The
resulting jar file should be installed into /usr/share/games/infinitetux
and the link should be in /usr/games not /usr/bin. Debian makes a
distinction between games and normal applications, whether it is useful
is another question, but that's the current policy.



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