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Re: Sponsor my 'osmose-emulator' package

Hi Tobias,

> I'm confused about the two bugs you're closing with d/changelog, as you
> have marked them as fixed already in the bts. Can you please fix the
> meta-data and properly use "fixed" as in described in the documentation
> for the bug tracking system? Also, it completly unclear for me, whether
> #868499
> is fixed or not. Please be more verbose in your changelogs…
> Same for the other bugi (#844779). It is marked as closed in 1.2-1, so
> why is it closed again? (also here, please make the information
> consitent.)

For some reason, I did not close both BTS and d/changelog in version 1.2 that
was resolved. :/

Removed those 'closes' in this new version.

> - Usually, is is not common to update copyright years on otherwise
>   unchanged files (it is only noise in the review and it makes reviews
>   harder.

I understood, thank you for orienting me.

> src/Joystick.cpp and src/SoundThread.cpp: Are you sure about the #pragma
> GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wstringop-truncation"? Is it really a false
> positive?

Thank you for notifying me.
- Removed GCC 8 warning named -Wstringop-truncation.
- Replaced strncpy with memcpy to suppress the warning and make the code more

> About the changelogs: Usually you should not describge what you have
> done (this is obvious when looking at the diff), but explain why you
> have done it. For example, "update d/watch" is not really explaining why
> this was necessary. 

I made the corrections in 'd/changelog' explaining the reason for the changes.

Example in d/watch:

* Removed the tarball option 'xz' because it does not exist in GitLab.

> Please make the debian bts consistent, then I will take another look at
> your package.

I made the corrections and sent them back to mentors.d.n.


When you have the time, could you analyze?


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