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Re: RFS: tanglet/1.5.1


Am 15.04.2018 um 18:11 schrieb Innocent De Marchi:
> Hi,
> As I have already announced [0][1], I have updated the tanglet package
> to version 1.5.1. The update is in the salsa repository [2]. I have not
> tag the new version in salsa waiting for revision (and possible
> changes) and upload to ftp-master.
> I appreciated the sponsorship of this version.

I've uploaded your package. Thanks for your contribution!

Some nitpicks:

The upstream tarball didn't correspond to the one on github.com. You
probably downloaded it from the upstream homepage but it is easier for
reviewers if you use the one from your watch file. In this case the
differences were minor.

I have dropped the menu file because it is obsolete now and tanglet
already ships a desktop file and I installed the upstream man page. I
also corrected the VCS fields because they pointed to the pinball
package, I guess that was a copy&paste error.



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