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Re: RFS: tanglet/1.5.1

Hi Markus,

> I've uploaded your package. Thanks for your contribution!

Thanks Markus for your help.

> The upstream tarball didn't correspond to the one on github.com. You
> probably downloaded it from the upstream homepage but it is easier for
> reviewers if you use the one from your watch file. In this case the
> differences were minor.

Yes, I actually downloaded the latest version published by the author
on github [0]. I do not understand that there may be differences between
the two files.

> I have dropped the menu file because it is obsolete now and tanglet
> already ships a desktop file and I installed the upstream man page. I
> also corrected the VCS fields because they pointed to the pinball
> package, I guess that was a copy&paste error.

Yes, this is a regrettable mistake: copy and paste is very dangerous!

Next time I will pay more attention.


I. De Marchi

[0] https://github.com/gottcode/tanglet/archive/v1.5.1.tar.gz

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