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Re: game-data-packager: stripping first directory component

Hi again,

Quoting Johannes Schauer (2018-04-16 13:40:09)
> Quoting Simon McVittie (2018-04-16 13:11:38)
> > If you tell game-data-packager that the archive contains "data/h3ab_spr.lod"
> > etc. (and change all other occurrences of these filenames accordingly), it
> > should do the right thing. It does a case-insensitive suffix match, rather
> > than comparing for equality.
> yes, that's what I hoped (and it makes lots of sense) but if I change:


Your approach works well for other archive formats. For example it works when I
strip a prefix from members of an unshield archive. But here we are speaking of
an archive unpacked with "unar" and if I read the source code of g-d-p
correctly, then maybe the problem is, that g-d-p tries to specifically only
extract the requested files instead of extracting everything and then picking
the files that have a matching case-insensitive suffix? This would explain the
errors I see. For unshield this doesn't happen because it doesn't allow
extracting individual files, thus has to extract everything first and then
g-d-p can do the suffix matching.

Just a hunch.


cheers, josch

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