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Re: RFS: xjig/2.4-14.1 [NMU]

I've uploaded xjig to unstable with a delay of five days. I have made
some minor changes, here is what I found.

- Minor mistake in your changelog entry "rewrited->rewrote"

- desktop files: Added a subcategory "LogicGame", a comment in German.
Keywords must be separated by semicolon not comma. You can use the
desktop-file-validate tool to find any issues with desktop files.

- Installed README and README.beyondgif again. They probably got lost
due to the source format change.


Removed the line export DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS = hardening=+all
because it was doubly present.

Removed the unused variable DEB_INSTALL_DOCS_ALL := TODO

You can replace commands like make or make install with dh_auto_build or
dh_auto_install or move the configure command into the dh_auto_configure
override. The chmod command for xjig-random will be canceled by
dh_fixperms which is responsible for setting the correct permissions. So
it basically does not much at the moment. The mkdir commands are not
necessary when you use debheper >=11 because those directories will be
automatically created for you. I didn't change all that because I
realized that the maintainer used exactly those commands before. Just
keep it in mind for the future or if you want to improve/simplify this
package again.

Thanks for your work!



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