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Re: renaming debiangames-team to games-team on salsa, objections?

Hi Markus,

> I would also prefer games-team just because it is a little bit shorter.
> I haven't had the time to dig into Salsa yet. I thought it would be as
> simple as:
> - Import all existing Git repositories into salsa.
>   (Convert SVN directories to Git as needed later)
> - Everyone who wants to do some maintaining shall apply for team
>   membership
> - DDs and DMs can work on all repositories and create new ones
> - Everyone else gets limited access depending on their personal
>   preferences and needs. So if you are maintaining one package at the
>   moment, it should be sufficient to grant access just for that.

It was me who created this name 'debiangames-time', but you and another
'owner' have complete freedom to make the changes.

I will not interfere with anything that will decide. ;)

In my opinion, I find it interesting to switch to 'games-team', the
problem will not know the unwanted side effects for those who have added
their projects to the team.



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