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ITP: nekojishi -- Interactive visual novel with furries and Taiwanese cultures

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Yao Wei (魏銘廷) <mwei@lxde.org>

* Package name    : nekojishi
  Version         : 1.01
  Upstream Author : NekojishiTW <nekojishitw@gmail.com>
* URL             : https://nekojishi.tw/
* License         : Proprietary (Non-commercial)
  Programming Lang: Python
  Description     : Interactive visual novel game with furries and Taiwanese cultures

=== Detailed descriptions below ===

致家有大貓團隊:我想要將家有大貓 (SFW) 上傳到 Debian 套件庫,其實是個人
私心。身為獸友跟 Debian contributor,我想要找到一個交集點讓我能夠做點什
麼。不過因為 Debian 對授權要求比較嚴格,根據團隊網站,我會建議採納
「創用CC 姓名標示-非商業性」這個授權條款,再加上原住民族智慧創作保護條

我將會做的事情會包括把原本的 .rpa 檔案透過 unrpa 解壓縮,去除編譯過的檔
案以及不需要的 library (基於 Debian Policy 要求),放進 .deb 裡面,之
後再上傳到 Debian 審核。若審核有通過,將來 Debian 以及包含 Ubuntu 在內
的 Linux 發行版將可以使用 `apt install nekojishi` 下載到家有大貓了。

To Nekojishi team: As a furry fan and Debian contributor, I would like
to find intersection to both of these, and do something together.
However, the license of the game isn't pretty clear.  I would suggest
adopting Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license, amending
with "Indigenous Culture Intellectural Property Protection Act" if
necessary, and put the text file into the .zip archive.  Also, you
probably need to declare if the .zip is distributable.

What I am going to do is to use unrpa to unarchive the files, removing
the unnecessary compiled files, lirbaries and fonts (per Debian Policy
§4.13 Convenience copies of code, we need to strip them and use Debian
provided files).  And upload to Debian for review.  If the review passed
we can download Nekojishi using `apt install nekojishi` in any Debian
and its derivatives including Ubuntu.


This is a crowdfunded visual novel game influxing furry culture and
Taiwanese religious and indigenous cultures.  The SFW version is chosen
to package. (and I am wondering if NSFW thing is not a good thing in
The game is free to download, but I am unsure about redistributability.
In this email I am also asking the authors if they can adopt Creative
Commons with non-commercial license (as stated in their website).

If that's a good idea, I would like to maintain the package under Debian
Games Team.

Yao Wei

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