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Re: Looking sponsor for my package - Osmose Emulator

Some remarks:
- the Debian git repository seems not to point to the Debian
packgaging, nor does not have the debian files at all. Did you forget
to push them? 
- the repository lacks the history of the package: It is only one
commit. As the repository is new, I'd suggest to nuke it and then
regeneraate it using e.g. gbp import-dscs --debsnap to retain history,
if you do not have the project's history in a repository somewhere.
- Have you forked osmose-emulator? Asking, because the website in
"Homepage" is still at 0.96, while on your github you have released 1.0
I you have forked, you should update the homepage to the github, I
guess. Are you in contact with the original author, becasue then he may
want to update his homepage if he is consent of the

(I didn't find any technical issues, but I did not check in depth)

Thank you, I will correct.

Carlos Donizete Froes [a.k.a coringao]
- https://wiki.debian.org/coringao
GPG: 4096R/B638B780
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