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Re: Confusion with minetest-mod-mobf

On 09.07.2016 12:08, Julien Puydt wrote:
> Hi,
> according to bug #827669 the current minetest-mod-mobf packaging is
> buggy/incomplete with a debian/ directory shipped within and probably
> missing directories ; in #830493 I pointed out that one of the missing
> directories was really a missing package on which to depend.
> After some more poking around, I found out that in fact the situation is
> worse than what I thought, as what is in minetest-mod-mobf isn't mobf at
> all : it really should be named minetest-mod-animals. We don't ship mobf
> at all in Debian!
> To fix things I propose:


I haven't checked all the information, so here are just a few general
thoughts of mine. I provide my own public minetest server and I'd rather
like to see some kind of modpack (like the most popular mods) in Debian
that is properly maintained upstream instead of many single mod packages
which all need to be touched from time to time. Or a new game mode like
capture the flag:


I've made the experience that it is rather simple to create a customized
server with many different mods. For instance I copy everything into


which even overrides default mods. On the other hand a lot of these mods
are in a constant state of flux and some of them can easily crash your
server. Thus I'm currently not up for packaging more minetest mods
because I would rather like to see that the game gets more stabilized
and more focus is put into making it a playable and fun game instead of
just a good engine.

> - here there's a hole in my plan because I think we also need doors,
> fire, vessels and wool -- and I'm not sure where to find those.

These mods are already part of minetest_game and are installed by default.





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