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Confusion with minetest-mod-mobf


according to bug #827669 the current minetest-mod-mobf packaging is buggy/incomplete with a debian/ directory shipped within and probably missing directories ; in #830493 I pointed out that one of the missing directories was really a missing package on which to depend.

After some more poking around, I found out that in fact the situation is worse than what I thought, as what is in minetest-mod-mobf isn't mobf at all : it really should be named minetest-mod-animals. We don't ship mobf at all in Debian!

To fix things I propose:

- create a src:minetest-mod-mobf-core package, based on:
which would provide a binary minetest-mod-mobf-core package with most of the repo, except for the trap directory, which would go into a minetest-mod-mobf-trap package depending on minetest-mod-mobf-core, minetest-mod-animalmaterials (see below) and minetest-mod-animals (see below).

- create a minetest-mod-animalmaterials package (I have ITP #830492 to cover it and a mostly ready package -- I need license+copyright clarifications from upstream) to provide the animalmaterials, animal_resources, cooking and mob_environments mods.

- here there's a hole in my plan because I think we also need doors, fire, vessels and wool -- and I'm not sure where to find those.

- create a minetest-mod-animals package, containing:
(what is actually in the current minetest-mod-mobf package!), shipping as much as we can with the deps we'll have (see previous point).

I hope that helps,

Snark on #debian-games

PS: pointing this mail to both bug reports because it makes sense for both, and the Debian Devel Games team mailing-list because those packages would certainly be team-maintained and I would like some feedback on the ideas.

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