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Re: translate "Debian Games"? (name of the blend)

Am 28.01.2016 um 18:20 schrieb Laura Arjona Reina:
> Hi Debian Games friends
> (Please CC me, I'm not subscribed).
> Thanks for working in free software games.
> Information about blends arrived the main Debian website
> (www.debian.org/blends) and in the Spanish language team we are
> thinking about if translating the names of the blends or not.
> We would do what you consider better, and we'll do our best to keep
> consistency across website, package descriptions, etc.
> Should "Debian Games" (the name of the blend) be translated? In
> Spanish it would be "Debian Juegos". Or better to keep it as is, as a
> "brand"?


thank you for contacting us. I think translating Debian Games to Debian
Juegos is a very good idea. The German language team does the same.
There it's called Debianspiele. It would also be more consistent with
many desktop files where game(s) is also translated to juego(s). I don't
consider Debian Games as a proper name like for instance Teeworlds, Red
Eclipse or OpenArena which I usually wouldn't translate at all.



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