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Re: Love2d 0.10 released

2015-12-22 23:32 GMT+01:00 Steven Hamilton <oz@scorch.net>:
> Options?
> 1) "version" love2d into different packages love-0.9, love-0.10 etc and
> mod any dependent games to pull their correct version.
> 2) Patch mrrescue and any other 0.9 games to 0.10 (I don't fancy that
> and I doubt upstream will either)

I've been in contact a few times with upstream (Simon Larsen), and
he's quite friendly and open to contributions. If you open an issue on
the GitHub repo [1] asking for a love 0.10 port, or propose a pull
requests, I'm sure a new version with love 0.10 support will be
release quickly.

For example someone made a pull request a while ago to upgrade In Your
Face City Trains to love 0.9.1 (from 0.8.0 IIRC), and it was merged
after a couple weeks, leading to a new point release.
> 3) Pull mrrescue and other 0.9 games.
> I'm not sure if any other love games have been packaged since mrrescue.
> I certainly haven't done any more myself.

Rémi Verschelde

[1] https://github.com/SimonLarsen/mrrescue
[2] https://github.com/SimonLarsen/iyfct/pull/3

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