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Love2d 0.10 released

Good news everyone!

We have a new shiny release of Love2d 0.10 with mobile support and a
stack of other new shiny things. I think this forces a previously
mentioned decision point around how we handle love2d versions. My
mrrescue package depends on love being at 0.9x. An upgrade would
probably break it and I doubt upstream will be migrating an old, stable
game. This will be the attitude of many game releases that are
considered "done".


1) "version" love2d into different packages love-0.9, love-0.10 etc and
mod any dependent games to pull their correct version.

2) Patch mrrescue and any other 0.9 games to 0.10 (I don't fancy that
and I doubt upstream will either)

3) Pull mrrescue and other 0.9 games.

I'm not sure if any other love games have been packaged since mrrescue.
I certainly haven't done any more myself.

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