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Re: nethack 3.6 released

Hello Antti,

Am 18.12.2015 um 23:10 schrieb Antti Jarvinen:
> Dear debian gaming Sirs,
> I've tried to modify recently released nethack to suit the non-trivial
> packaking needs of debian. My attempt might be a starting point for
> someone more knowledgeable. [...]

Thanks for your interest in upgrading the Nethack package.

> If I could make myself useful in gaming team, I could devote some
> amount of my spare time for work in that area ; I'm trying to get
> started in getting involved with debian organization but starting real
> work is a bit difficult. Any good suggestions are welcome. 

There are a lot of different opportunities to get involved with Debian
and games. On this page you can find some suggestions:


Updating packages is much appreciated since we maintain more than 400
source packages alone and there is always something that could be improved.


You can help us the most by learning to create an official and Policy
compliant package. It requires some effort in the beginning because you
have to read some manuals and guides but it pays off later. I would
suggest to package the newer upstream release of Nethack but you should
do it the Debian way. The less time others have to invest in reviewing
your work the better. An important step in becoming a Debian maintainer
or packager is to create a real Debian package and to make your package
available on official Debian sites. mentors.debian.net is a great
resource for learning that:


Of course you could also help us by rebasing the existing Nethack
patches or to triage bug reports.


Just check out if those bug reports are still valid with the latest
version of Nethack, send your comments to the bug tracker. Create
patches if necessary or forward valid bug reports to the upstream



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