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Re: nethack 3.6 released

Dear debian gaming Sirs,

I've tried to modify recently released nethack to suit the non-trivial
packaking needs of debian. My attempt might be a starting point for
someone more knowledgeable. Please have a look at 
and more specifically the file
where you can dpkg-buildpackage if you have
../nethack_3.6.0.orig.tar.gz  downloaded from 

 * Starts and lets you play

 * None of the patches applied so every patch has been removed. 
   Most notably the lisp-window patch that added a new binary package
   and provided significant new functionality is there no more. 
   Some of the patches have been already included in the new release
   but some are missing, like the lisp-window. 
 * The lisp-window patch needs at least partial re-write. 

So please use as you wish. 

If I could make myself useful in gaming team, I could devote some
amount of my spare time for work in that area ; I'm trying to get
started in getting involved with debian organization but starting real
work is a bit difficult. Any good suggestions are welcome. 

Antti Järvinen, Oulu, Finland

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