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Re: New libode version

Hi Leopold,

>What do you miss there? I checked yesterday and I have tried to put all the 

>most important information. However I have retouched some parts today. One 

well, mentioning the autoreconf issue makes the changelog look fine

>important think that I propose is to increase the epoch number from 2 to 3.

why? I'm not sure you understand correctly why epoch exists :)

>I have maintained the previous entries because there appears the work done by >others that I would like to respect. I know that it's not a clean and nice 
>changelog but the libode package work has been chaotic.

yes I know, but it is fine this way (modulo epoch bump)

>lintian complains about that, that the susbtituion was void, so I dropped it. 
>It's in the -dev package.

this is not lintian complaining, but some dh_* call I guess, anyway I would appreciate
more an empty substitution rather than a missing runtime library (e.g. because in the future
some new library is added)



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