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Re: New libode version

Hi Gianfranco,

El Dimarts, 13 d'octubre de 2015, a les 08:52:20, Gianfranco Costamagna va 

> summary:
> - set changelog to unstable
> - remove manpage in clean target
> - switch to dh-autoreconf and remove useless dependencies
> - remove "prefix" and use autoreconf

done. Now it compiles and build clean.

> everything seems good so far, note: I didn't test the binary
> http://debomatic-amd64.debian.net/distribution#unstable/ode/0.13.1+git201503
> 09-1/lintian

> there are some lintian warnings about copyright, but everything seems good
> to me, not sure if they are false positive or issues introduced by the
> spaces between License: and the description.

solved the license warning.

> the other stuff looks good now
> let me know how do you feel about this patch, and please test the result.


I have tested the result. I have built mokomaze working and stormbaancoureur, 
need a patch because upstream have a wrong makefile looking libs in /usr/lib
After it, it works

xmoto doesn't compile, but it's a problem of increasing the libode version.

Please, if you agree, I tag the repo and could you upload the new version?



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