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Re: New libode version


Gianfranco thanks a lot for your review.

El Dijous, 1 d'octubre de 2015, a les 15:12:01, Gianfranco Costamagna va 
> well, review starting:
> 1) ode (2:0.13.1~git20150309-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
> please set to unstable.

I can set it without problem, but I follow debian-science guidelines. It's not 
released. When you said, ok, I sponsor it, I close the package and I set 

> 0.13.1~git is < 0.13.1 but you said
> * New upstream release: 0.13.1 with a patch (Closes: #670746)
> so either use a > version or start from 0.13.1 and add your patch.
> I would consider good a versioning like
> 2:0.13.1+git20150309-1

Done!!! you are right. I made a mistake. Correct version should be 

> (there is a way to compare two versions with dpkg)
> dpkg --compare-versions 1 gt 0
> - Bump standards-version to 3.9.4
> * Bump standards to 3.9.6. No changes
> well, I would avoid such duplication

> - Build-depend on dh-autoreconf
> * Rename packages to a new version of Sonames Changed dh-autoreconf
> to autotools-dev, automake and libtool
> (please use autoreconf instead of autotools if possible, and remove
> automake, autotools-dev libtool from build-dependencies)

I got a lot of problems using autoreconf. Using autotools the package works. 
With dh-autoreconf I have a lot of problems building it in pbuilder. I have 
followed this:


and there's a paragraph that says:

"In general dh-autoreconf is a superset of autotools-dev and using it is 
sufficent and best practice. However it's actually a bit complicated so 
sometimes you need both, and sometimes getting dh-autoreconf working with an 
old package involves some work and using autotools-dev (invariably 
straightforward) is a much simpler and often-sufficient fix."

I take the last sentence. If I remove automake and libtool the ./bootstrap 
command from Upstream doesn't work.  

> rules:
> --libdir='$${prefix}/lib/$(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)/'
> this should be automagically injected by dh_auto_configure, isn't it?

yes, I agree. Deleted.

> cat debian/libode4.install
> #! /usr/bin/dh-exec
> usr/lib/${DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH}/lib*.so.*
> well,
> doesn't something like
> usr/lib/*/lib*.so.* work?
> same for the -dev

Done. I misunderstand some documentation.

> question: do you really need to ship a static library?
> I personally don't like them for security reasons, but I can't object if you
> need it :)

was shipped originally. If you strongly recommends not provide it, I can not 
put it, but if not, some people use it.

> BTW you are providing a shared library with a git snapshot, are you sure
> about this?

Yes, the development is a bit anarchic and that git version has a patch that 
it's nice for debian. Otherwise, I should incorporate it in the package and I 
prefer if it's done by upstream.

> this is what I did so far, feel free to finish the work if you agree
> it doesn't work the install target
> /build/ode-0.13.1~git20150309/debian/libode4.install: 1:
> /build/ode-0.13.1~git20150309/debian/libode4.install: usr/lib/*/lib*.so.*:
> not found dh_install: problem reading debian/libode4.install:
> strange, files are on debina/tmp/ correctly.
with your patch it doesn't work. Now it's working in a pbuilder (sid) clean 
updated some minutes ago.

From another mail,

> well, please git push --tags


Thanks for all,



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