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Re: homepage(s) for game-data-packager

Le samedi 29 août 2015, 19:34:43 Markus Koschany a écrit :
> Am 29.08.2015 um 16:39 schrieb Alexandre Detiste:
> [...]
> > This is contrib stuff, I don't know if it would fit there
> > & how it should be "avertised".
> Certainly I can't recommend game-data-packager with the debian-games
> metapackages because that would go against the DFSG. However I don't see
> any problems when we mention your project on the website.

> "your"
Well it is Simon's too was Jon's before ;-)

I stronlgy believe this is a team project and that any contrib-engine
maintainer could simply add himself the data definition needed for his game.

There's a lot to do; and many bugs are already tagged newcomer.

> This offers agood
> opportunity to show the differences between our DFSG-free games and
> the common case of games in contrib which provide a free engine but
> without free artwork. We could also expand on this idea and highlight
> packages like cube2-data or lgeneral-data which made it possible to move
> their respective engines to main. To the same effect we could create a
> list of contrib games which could be moved to main when certain
> conditions are met.

That happened recently with chocolate-doom,
thanks to freedoom data; that can also be used
to play community-provided maps.

> In my opinion it's a good idea to talk about the
> various aspects of free software games.

Most people think mostly about price; it's hard for a free software
game to compete with a commercial game sold on sales at 2€...

Only a few thinks about modding; learning how it works inside;
possibility to translate game in all possible languages etc...

> People will appreciate the efforts of projects like 0ad,
> megaglest or supertuxkart even more when
> they know how much work is required to create free game content.

Yup, this is hard work, even for a task as simple as drawing icons
it can take a long time if you're not used to/gifted at

See what is now provided by G-D-P:

For single-game engines (like opentyrian or rott), the .desktop
file & icon are already provided by the engine package.

But for scummvm games, doom maps etc... the .desktop
files & icons must be provided by G-D-P, so there remain
a lot of icons to provide/enhance.

> Another idea might be to create a dedicated blend for contrib/non-free
> packages or something similar which evolves around game-data-packager.

If the goal is to provide a DVD iso, then all the orignal game/demo
archives that can be processed by G-D-P could be included somewhere.

Some games/demos are redistributable; but only as the original
archive (that can be an old pkzip 1.x file, an .arj archive ...),
the resulting .deb is not redistributable.

> That would possibly draw more attention to free engines with non-free
> game data and perhaps somebody feels motivated enough to fix those bugs
> by creating free artwork.

There are now a lot of past/information-preservation going on;
like what's done by textfiles.com ; I hope than more
game authors would decide to free their 20-years old
games assets to preserve them for the future.

contrib-engine need some love too;
some have stalled at 95% done for years.



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