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Re: homepage(s) for game-data-packager

Am 29.08.2015 um 16:39 schrieb Alexandre Detiste:
> This is contrib stuff, I don't know if it would fit there
> & how it should be "avertised".

Certainly I can't recommend game-data-packager with the debian-games
metapackages because that would go against the DFSG. However I don't see
any problems when we mention your project on the website. This offers a
good opportunity to show the differences between our DFSG-free games and
the common case of games in contrib which provide a free engine but
without free artwork. We could also expand on this idea and highlight
packages like cube2-data or lgeneral-data which made it possible to move
their respective engines to main. To the same effect we could create a
list of contrib games which could be moved to main when certain
conditions are met. In my opinion it's a good idea to talk about the
various aspects of free software games. People will appreciate the
efforts of projects like 0ad, megaglest or supertuxkart even more when
they know how much work is required to create free game content.

Another idea might be to create a dedicated blend for contrib/non-free
packages or something similar which evolves around game-data-packager.
That would possibly draw more attention to free engines with non-free
game data and perhaps somebody feels motivated enough to fix those bugs
by creating free artwork.



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