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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

(I said it was my last reply on the list... well I'm making an exception :p )

Hi Rhonda,

>You might consider this to be with a tongue-in-cheek tone joke style,
>but that actually is what "privileging a male gaze position" is about.
>There is a woman with few clothes for the gazing effect of male players.
>That's the original point, that's why it was raised.  Don't turn it
>around to be about the opression of men because it isn't.

ok, well, I guess there is already an answer above, with the tux example.

You can choose a particular point of a game, snapshot, show it and it might be considered bad.

anyway, the tux example for sure is better than my joke, sorry for that,
next time I'll try to be more polite :)

>If women are put in just for the purpose to lure in male people to gaze
>at them, then yes, that's sexism.

again, if any this is to address to upstream, not in Debian (at least to me),
specially because the maintainer said he would like to avoid carrying Debian patches.

>While I consider the choice of Sara as a mascot for the OpenGameArt
>project to be based on such gazing moments (I don't think they can fully
>deny that) a bad choice per se, I don't think it is something justifying
>anything more than a frown upon them for a bad choice taken.  Don't
>think there is much that will convince them to change.

>"it is just a joke" is not a good reasoning, at all (generally speaking
>now, not about this case in particular).  If we hold up some standards
>we shouldn't lower them with an excuse of "it is a game" or "it was just
>a joke".

I fully agree, I was just trying to calm down the tone in the discussion,
bringing a (bad) example as a joke, but I seem to have failed ;)

anyway, if any issue it should be addressed upstream, I personally don't
think Maintainer work isn't about censoring stuff, neither about forking stuff.
In my opinion (my ideal world) should be a packaging work, and reporting/fixing
stuff upstream.

This is why I agree with Vincent (Maintainer) opinion about fixing it upstream.

I'm not personally disturbed about the (video) [1] I saw, because it is so different from the images.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWr1kKiMErk

(I hope nobody will complain now about my new words, this discussion should be upstream, not in Debian right now).

Best regards,


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