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Re: Bug#782847: RFS: endless-sky/0.7.9-1 [ITP]

On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 1:00 AM, Michael Zahniser wrote:

> The build process does print all the build commands, and would also print
> compiler warnings (at the -Wall level) if there were any. Is that
> sufficient, or are you saying I need the g++ -v option that prints dozens of
> lines of information for each file that it compiles?

Hmm, I deleted the build log already but from memory I couldn't see
any compiler commands in the output.

> I agree that having the "source" for all the graphics available for anyone
> to view or modify is important. But I can't just export from Blender files:
> for the 3D images, I touched them up by hand in GIMP after rendering them,
> adding texture, scuff marks, color variation, and random shadows and
> highlights. That was to make them look dirty and worn rather than pristine
> and artificial. Similarly, a lot of the photos have been retouched, e.g.
> shifting the colors to make them look more like alien landscapes.
> That means that the "source" files include many large GIMP files, and add up
> to over 3 GB. That's large enough that I think it's better for the image
> source files to be available separately rather than including them in the
> main source distribution. (I could add a line to the read-me giving a link
> to the current location (Google drive) of those files.)

What you have written here is interesting information, it would be
great if you could mention it in more detail in the README or another
file in git.

I'm guessing you didn't record exactly the steps in GIMP that you
took? Personally I would have tried to script the editing to allow for
easy adjustment in future. Without having seen the source files, I'm
not sure what further advice to give, but depending on the situation
it might be possible to reduce the size using different formats.

I agree this is a lot of data and probably couldn't be uploaded to
Debian. There is a vague plan for a way to fix that but it isn't
coming any time soon.


Please do add information about how to get the source files for the images.

Like Nils, I too would suggest adding more mirrors of the source files
for the images, a torrent site and archive.org at minimum and possibly
also Amazon S3/Glacier, sourceforge and any other sites you can think
of. It might also be interesting to look at IPFS.


If you haven't already, it might be a good idea to put the source
files for the images into git-annex to track where the mirrors are and
detect bit-rot. You could push the git-annex repo to github.



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