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Re: Debian Games Blend: development tasks


On 19.08.2014 11:48, Vincent Cheng wrote:
>> I would like to hear your opinion about these tasks. Do you miss
>> something like libraries, editors or tools? What kind of development
>> packages would you prefer? The general idea is to suggest several
>> IDEs/editors and recommend important libs and packages for games
>> development but keep out everything else that is not specifically
>> related to games. You can also suggest packages that are not in Debian yet.
> Sounds good to me, although I'm not too sure about including actual
> games with these tasks (e.g. freecol, triplea with java-dev) since I
> feel they're kind of out of scope?

Those games are only suggested and won't be installed by default. My
intention is to suggest some fitting example games prospective
developers might be able to learn from.

>>> I think python-dev is relatively simple (it's all about python-pygame,
>> isn't it ;) ).
> I'd add python-kivy to that list.

Good point. Added with python-opengl and python-pil which seem to fit as

> One question I have is whether this metapackage is going to install
> both python2 and python3 modules, or if you'd rather have two separate
> metapackages.

Good question. At the moment the package recommends Python2 modules and
suggests only two Python3 modules. I haven't made up my mind yet because
(almost?) all Python games seem to be written in Python2 and the most
important Python module, python3-pygame is still in experimental hence I
figured developing Python3 games might be rather difficult at the moment.

However I would like to see that more people use Python3 for developing
games, so I'll likely split this metapackage in two later.

>> I'm also going to ask on debian-java for more input about java-dev.
> liblwjgl-java is the first thing that springs to mind (and you have
> that already, actually), but unfortunately it looks like the current
> package in testing isn't fit for release as-is. :(

I have tried to fix this package recently but got frustrated and gave
up. Will try again when I've finished some other Debian business.



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