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Re: UFO Alien Invasion has arrived

Hi Markus,

On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 4:25 PM, Markus Koschany <apo@gambaru.de> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just wanted to let all readers of debian-devel-games know that UFO:
> Alien Invasion has been released a few days ago. Exactly one year ago I
> got a request [1] to look into the game and now I can say it is time to
> finally play it. :)
> Upstream replaced all non-DFSG licenses with free ones and was very
> helpful in general. The game has been split into four different source
> packages due to practical and functional reasons. [2]
> You need to compile the ufoai source packge first and install
> "ufoai-tools" in order to compile the models and maps from scratch.
> I think it's a great game and features some unique gameplay not yet seen
> in the archive. It also comes with a map-editor, uforadiant, which might
> be of interest for other Quake based games too. It was definitely fun
> packaging it. I hope you enjoy it. Of course I'm also interested in
> feedback and, dare I say it, one or more sponsors...This game can keep
> more than one CPU busy.. ;-)

I'd be willing to sponsor this, although I don't have time to do a
thorough review right now (i.e. if any other DD is interested in
sponsoring ufoai, please go ahead, otherwise I'll get around to it
myself eventually...). Can you add it to the team sponsors queue in
the meantime?

A few questions/comments just from skimming your packaging:
- Is it worth building that many binary packages from src:ufoai? (I
haven't actually tried building this myself yet and I don't know how
large the resulting binary packages are, just asking.) Why not combine
ufoai-common + ufoai-misc, or ufoai-uforadiant + ufoai-tools?
- debian/copyright: the GPL-2/GPL-3 license blocks should contain the
notice described in the appendix/"How to Apply These Terms to Your New
Programs" section, starting from "This program is free software...",
not just a pointer to /usr/share/common-licenses.


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