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UFO Alien Invasion has arrived

Hi all,

I just wanted to let all readers of debian-devel-games know that UFO:
Alien Invasion has been released a few days ago. Exactly one year ago I
got a request [1] to look into the game and now I can say it is time to
finally play it. :)

Upstream replaced all non-DFSG licenses with free ones and was very
helpful in general. The game has been split into four different source
packages due to practical and functional reasons. [2]

You need to compile the ufoai source packge first and install
"ufoai-tools" in order to compile the models and maps from scratch.

I think it's a great game and features some unique gameplay not yet seen
in the archive. It also comes with a map-editor, uforadiant, which might
be of interest for other Quake based games too. It was definitely fun
packaging it. I hope you enjoy it. Of course I'm also interested in
feedback and, dare I say it, one or more sponsors...This game can keep
more than one CPU busy.. ;-)



[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-games/2013/07/msg00015.html

ufoai - binaries

ufoai-data - models and textures

ufoai-maps - maps

ufoai-music - music and sound

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