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Re: Bug#727195: ITP: OpenMW -- Reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

>> We use a tool "game-data-packager" to help with installing such data
>> files on Debian systems. Support for Morrowind data files should perhaps
>> be a wishlist bug for game-data-packager. Cloning accordingly.

game-data-packager is a good idea, I'll talk with Bret about it. It's
a way to keep track of all the install files in a "Debian" way so that
you can easily depend on or remove those files like packages. I think
it's a good idea to make it a wishlist bug of openmw.

>> It would be worth having a think about how the package dependencies
>> should be set up here. Can the engine be used with alternative data?
>> The doom packages have a particular scheme for interworking, and the
>> Quake packages have another.
> As mentioned above, our ES is in development which allows for TCs and
> other content to be used with OpenMW without Morrowind assets. At this
> time however, OpenMW is only useful with Morrowind.

In theory, it can be used with alternative data. However, no
alternative data exists at the moment. There is some effort upstream
to develop free content, and they are developing an OpenCS
(construction set) so others can mod/develop content. Also, it may be
possilble in the more distant future to have the engine work on other
Bethesda games, but as of now it is just commercial morrowind. The
plan is to place it in contrib. Upstream has incorporated pulling data
off of the CDs into their launcher, so for now we'd just need a
post-rm script to make sure it is removed properly. Long term solution
is probably game-data-packager.

Bret's from upstream and has been putting in a lot of effort learning
our ways. He's done a great job.


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