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Re: Action: Task List Tool

2013/10/6 Steven Hamilton <oz@scorch.net>

Markus Koschany writes:

> On 05.10.2013 12:13, Steven Hamilton wrote:
> [...]
>> I think now the best tool for the job would be a pseudo package in BTS.
>> Something with a name like "games-tasklist" (suggestions welcome).
>> I'm big on creating some better pages to onboard new recruits better
>> (especially getting value out of the less technical people that want to
>> help) and this would include some simple instructions/links on accessing
>> this task list.
> I'm not fully convinced yet that we need some sort of new tracker at all
> for our internal release goal but it might be useful for other tasks in
> the future.

This isn't specifically for the internal release goal. This is for
members to list adhoc tasks that they needed done but didn't have the
immediate time to do themselves.

I for one think that this would be a really useful tool, at least for me. I don't think that the wiki is really the most appropriate tool for this. On the other hand, we have to build up a consensus on this, because if people don't like the idea, we might end up with even more dispersion of the pending tasks, which would be undesirable.

Up to now, for what I've seen, the options are:

1) Alioth -> It doesn't seem to be working
2) Self-hosted tiny task management system
3) Wiki
4) Launchpad
5) Based on BTS
6) Based on a mailing list
7) Google Docs or other cloud-based alternative -> I think we would rather avoid this

In my opinion, and especially if we want to lower the entry barrier and help new people come in and help, we should make something simple, manageable and easy to start using, I personally  like the idea of either a Self-hosted tiny task management system or a usable interface over some other tool, but I'd rather avoid using tools that are not designed for task management, such as the wiki page.

In any case, I think we should have an open debate about the pros and cons of the proposals, as well as maybe having other ideas, and try to decide on a unified way to manage the tasks in the team, with a particular focus on making it easy to handle to newcomers, and also with the goal of not adding more work to the team.


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