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Re: Action: Task List Tool

On 05.10.2013 12:13, Steven Hamilton wrote:
> I think now the best tool for the job would be a pseudo package in BTS.
> Something with a name like "games-tasklist" (suggestions welcome).
> I'm big on creating some better pages to onboard new recruits better
> (especially getting value out of the less technical people that want to
> help) and this would include some simple instructions/links on accessing
> this task list.

I'm not fully convinced yet that we need some sort of new tracker at all
for our internal release goal but it might be useful for other tasks in
the future.

Instead I'd like to propose that we file bug reports with severity
"normal" against all packages that provide no desktop file, no menu file
and/or icons. We could use User and Usertags like

User: debian-devel-games@lists.debian.org
Usertags: dgt-desktop dgt-goals

to track those bugs in our BTS and we could start with Miry's
preliminary list.


In addition it might be even simpler to install the games and make a
sight check. We just need a wiki page to coordinate this effort, so that
people don't check the same packages twice.



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