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Re: Action: Task List Tool

On 22/08/13 20:52, Steven Hamilton wrote:

Another action on me from the games meeting was to assess the ability of
Aloith to be used as a simple tool to track adhoc tasks of members need
done. Alioth hangs for me when I try to create a tracker (clicking
submit times out) and I've failed to get a response from the admins via
email or IRC. I'm not giving up though.

In the interim I still see a need for a tool with Mr Defreese already
posting a list. I'm willing to throw up an instance of yourtinytodo (a
nice simple, multiuser ajax todo manage) on my VPS if I fail to get the
tracker working in the next week.

Ok, I'm back on this again after some relaxing camping, drinking chasing children, learning AWS, building a bathroom, packaging, recruiting members and putting partidges in trees.

Alioth still fails when creating a tracker. I don't think that's a suitable platform. A self hosted tool is also not so desireable since I'd have to maintain it and my VPS is self imploding recently.

I think now the best tool for the job would be a pseudo package in BTS. Something with a name like "games-tasklist" (suggestions welcome).

I'm big on creating some better pages to onboard new recruits better (especially getting value out of the less technical people that want to help) and this would include some simple instructions/links on accessing this task list.


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