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Re: Action: Task List Tool

Am 06.10.2013 12:58, schrieb Steven Hamilton:
> Markus Koschany writes:
>> On 05.10.2013 12:13, Steven Hamilton wrote:
>> [...]
>>> I think now the best tool for the job would be a pseudo package in BTS.
>>> Something with a name like "games-tasklist" (suggestions welcome).
>>> I'm big on creating some better pages to onboard new recruits better
>>> (especially getting value out of the less technical people that want to
>>> help) and this would include some simple instructions/links on accessing
>>> this task list.
>> I'm not fully convinced yet that we need some sort of new tracker at all
>> for our internal release goal but it might be useful for other tasks in
>> the future.
> This isn't specifically for the internal release goal. This is for
> members to list adhoc tasks that they needed done but didn't have the
> immediate time to do themselves.

Why not use the Wiki? Definitely better than Google Docs.


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