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Re: Bug#723142: RFS: dnt/0.10-1 [ITP]

On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 6:59 AM, Markus Koschany wrote:

> - It is not 100% clear how you obtained the sources. The original
> tarball is bz2 compressed. Yours is gz compressed. I suggest you switch
> to xz compression in source/options and for the upstream tarball and
> document modifications either in README.source or you might want to
> write a get-orig-source target for debian/rules.

The orig.tar should either be exactly the tarball from upstream or
have non-free content removed (or maybe hundreds of MB of embedded
code copies). Just recompressing the tarball with a different
compression format isn't a valid reason to differ from upstream here.
If you want a different compression format, get upstream to switch.
get-orig-source is definitely needed for the non-free/code copies
removal case.

> - Some of the fonts are non-free. Those have to be removed in the
>   original tarball and not only in the final package.

This would be a reason to modify the upstream tarball, then you can
use xz and add a get-orig-source. Removing the fonts and using xz
should be pushed upstream though.



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