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Re: Bug#723142: RFS: dnt/0.10-1 [ITP]

Hi Vincent,

as promised, here is my review for DNT.

First of all the overall impression is very positive and the whole
package is already in a good shape. Thanks for packaging DNT.
Things you could improve:

- please depend on debhelper >=9 and use compat level 9
- you don't have to build-depend on quilt because source format 3.0
  uses quilt by default
- your dependency on dnt-data (= ${source:Version}) is probably too
  strict in this case because your data package is rather large. (> 150
  MB). You can save a lot of bandwidth by depending on

 dnt-data (>= ${source:Upstream-Version}),
 dnt-data (<= ${source:Version})

The same goes for dnt-tools.

- Package: dnt-data
I would lower Recommends: dnt (= ${binary:Version}) to Suggests: dnt.
Most people, who download the data package directly, are only interested
in the data files.

- package description: Maybe you could find one or two additional
sentences why people should play this game and describe what it makes
special. You don't have to mention that it is a free game. All packages
in main are free.

- Your desktop files contain a minor mistake because all keywords must
have a semicolon as trailing character. You can validate your desktop
file with desktop-file-validate.

- It is not 100% clear how you obtained the sources. The original
tarball is bz2 compressed. Yours is gz compressed. I suggest you switch
to xz compression in source/options and for the upstream tarball and
document modifications either in README.source or you might want to
write a get-orig-source target for debian/rules.


- The desktop icons for the map-editor and part-editor look blurred on
Gnome 3. The dnt icon looks much better.

- debian/copyright:
Please update the old dep5 syntax to copyright format 1.0.

- You might want to add the license paragraph in upstream's README as a
comment to your copyright file because it clarifies the whole licensing.

- You can avoid some useless dependencies by using

export DEB_LDFLAGS_MAINT_APPEND = -Wl,--as-needed

in debian/rules or by updating the build system.

- I get a strange error message when I run the map editor from the
command line:

EE r600_texture.c:786 r600_texture_transfer_map - mapping MSAA zbuffer
OpenGL Error: out of memory

Otherwise it seems to work.

- You need to install the game data to /usr/share/games
- Some of the fonts are non-free. Those have to be removed in the
  original tarball and not only in the final package.



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