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Re: DNT - free 3D RPG: request for a sponsor


Thanks for your reply.

Le 01/10/2013 12:40, Markus Koschany a écrit :

On 01.10.2013 11:42, Vincent Prat wrote:

Is there anybody interested in reviewing and/or sponsoring DNT
(previously DccNiTghtmare)? Miry, maybe, as you worked on it some years
I can review your package but you need to find someone else to get it
into Debian.
That's a good beginning. I would appreciate it.
I would like to underline the fact that I packaged it because I found it
in Games/Suggested [6]. Packaging a game nobody is interested in is
quite a waste of time. To avoid this kind of situation, it could be a
good idea that games in Games/Suggested are rated by the team, including
debian developers likely to sponsor them.
What do you think about that ?
I like the idea that members of the team, or everybody who'd like to
contribute to it, state on the wiki on what they are focussing at the
moment. I would write a few lines on that page myself.

On the other hand you need a lot of self-motivation and endurance, if
you want to see a particular game or piece of software included in
Debian. It's not unusual that you have to wait for months until someone
sponsors a package, especially when it's your first one. From a
psychological point of view I'm quite sure you will enjoy packaging much
more, if you strongly believe yourself that it's not a waste of time and
don't assume that others think it is.
Indeed, I learned a lot by packaging this game. And the upstream team is interested in this package even if it is not accepted in the official archive. My point here is that if people wanting to contribute by packaging work preferentially on the most rated games, their work has more chances to be uploaded quickly, thus increasing the efficiency of the team, and decreasing the frustration :-D .

The truth is, receiving no replies on lists or waiting for months for a
sponsor is an internal Debian human resources test to filter out all
those whose enthusiasm isn't strong enough. ;-)




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