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Re: DNT - free 3D RPG: request for a sponsor


On 01.10.2013 11:42, Vincent Prat wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there anybody interested in reviewing and/or sponsoring DNT
> (previously DccNiTghtmare)? Miry, maybe, as you worked on it some years
> ago...

I can review your package but you need to find someone else to get it
into Debian.

> I would like to underline the fact that I packaged it because I found it
> in Games/Suggested [6]. Packaging a game nobody is interested in is
> quite a waste of time. To avoid this kind of situation, it could be a
> good idea that games in Games/Suggested are rated by the team, including
> debian developers likely to sponsor them.
> What do you think about that ?

I like the idea that members of the team, or everybody who'd like to
contribute to it, state on the wiki on what they are focussing at the
moment. I would write a few lines on that page myself.

On the other hand you need a lot of self-motivation and endurance, if
you want to see a particular game or piece of software included in
Debian. It's not unusual that you have to wait for months until someone
sponsors a package, especially when it's your first one. From a
psychological point of view I'm quite sure you will enjoy packaging much
more, if you strongly believe yourself that it's not a waste of time and
don't assume that others think it is.

The truth is, receiving no replies on lists or waiting for months for a
sponsor is an internal Debian human resources test to filter out all
those whose enthusiasm isn't strong enough. ;-)



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