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Re: Nexuiz 2.5.2-7

9/24/13 8:29 PM, Boris Pek пишет:
>>>>  I would recommend you do not use this:
>>>>  Pre-Depends: dpkg (>= 1.15.6~)
>>>>  Even Debain Squeeze has dpkg in main repo (not in proposed updates),
>>>>  so it is very outdated lintian tag and it should be removed from lintian.
>>>  Hmm, I have just found related bug report:
>>>  http://bugs.debian.org/648350
>>>  So lintian does not have this tag since version 2.5.4.
> Sorry for mistake. I had in mind bug report #680391 which was fixed in 2.5.11.
>>>  Which version of lintian is installed in your system?
>> Lintian v2.5.10.4.
>> I'm not sure that I have used this lintian (this machine)...
> It would be a good idea to update lintian package to the latest version from
> unstable or wheezy-backports (this is your case I suppose).
>>>  Or do you have any other reason to use this Pre-Depends?
>> As far as I remember, no: only the lintian warning.
>> So, what should to do?
> Just remove Pre-Depends fields. They are useless.
> Best wishes,
> Boris

> Just remove Pre-Depends fields. They are useless.

What about versions? If there will be nexuiz-data_2.5.2-7, must there be
rest of nexuiz packages 2.5.2-7 or 2.5.2-6 for rest of packages is OK?

What step should I do next for release?


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