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Re: Darkplaces revision 11952

On 18/09/13 06:28, David Bate wrote:
> I have updated the Darkplaces git repository to match upstream 
> revision 11952.  This is the revision recommended for Xonotic 0.7 and 
> not the version previously mentioned.

Uploaded, sorry for the delay. Some comments:

* in future, when you update to a new upstream, I'd appreciate it if
  you'd import each intermediate upstream release (if any) in sequence,
  *then* upgrade to a snapshot if needed (see my commits d6ed7d16,
  6a5e5eb0 which should make that a bit easier; the merge 9a807ef2
  illustrates how to do snapshots)

* please import new upstreams onto the 'upstream' branch (the
  normal git-buildpackage workflow), and merge them into master,
  rather than rebasing them (your commits bf0d97d1, 1b4967c6
  should have been a merge of 45636496, 5106ac42)

Other than that, all good - thanks for looking after this package!


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