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Re: linux_gaming reddit

(Paul was faster)

Hello Andrei, Jonathan and Ben!

(I'm CCing you because I don't know if you are subscribed already. If
that's the case, please say so on the list)

Thank you very much for your interest in helping out the Debian Games Team.

I think the best way to start and get a grasp of potential tasks is to
read these pages:


If you are interested in triaging and fixing bugs in all team maintained
packages, head over to


There is a column "Bugs". Just click on the link and try to reproduce
those bug reports, add a comment what you think about them or even try
to create a patch and attach it. Most games are written in C, C++,
Python and Java, so that would be your language of choice. But there are
a lot of bugs that simply require to edit some text files or to improve
the documentation.

You can learn more about Debian's bug tracker at


If you want to learn how you can create your own Debian packages, check out


and try to learn from existing packages by downloading the sources and
have a look at the debian directory.



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