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Re: curseofwar: now with SDL (3 packages)

On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 12:30:37PM +0400, Anton Balashov wrote:
> So, if I will be able to take to Debian all 3 packages, what I have to
> do for that?

Just upload a new package with more stanzas in debian/control.

I didn't look at the package yet, but am wondering: why do you need
curseofwar-common?  What is in there, and isn't it easier to make the SDL
package depend on the curses package (if that is needed at all)?

The fact that they use the same source code doesn't mean they need a common
binary package.

> If someone will find a free time, please, review my packages.

I'll try to find time to have a look at it.


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