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Re: Bug#720370: lintian: [new check] check for missing menu and desktop files for games


> 2. All /usr/games/* and /usr/bin are linked by menu and desktop files. Use
> lintian overrides in special cases.

All binaries and scripts? I think this is bad idea, because such check will
produce too many false positives (for servers, additional utilities and
auxiliary scripts). That just will annoy the maintainers.

Also I have big doubts about usefulness of menu files. Could anyone describe
where they are useful now?

So I propose to replace second check by something like this:
2. Package has files in /usr/games or/and /usr/bin. Remember list of them.
3. Package has at least one desktop file for launching executable file from
   list above.

I suppose such check will reduce the number of false positives.

Best wishes,

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