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Re: Bug#720370: lintian: [new check] check for missing menu and desktop files for games

On Wed, 21. Aug 10:08 Boris Pek <tehnick-8@yandex.ru> wrote:
> Also I have big doubts about usefulness of menu files. Could anyone describe
> where they are useful now?

Menu files are still useful for pure window manager setups to keep your
automatically generated menu entries in sync with your installed
applications. They are easy to write and I think we shouldn't move away
from our agreement to improve the desktop visibility of games on all

> So I propose to replace second check by something like this:
> 2. Package has files in /usr/games or/and /usr/bin. Remember list of them.
> 3. Package has at least one desktop file for launching executable file from
>    list above.
> I suppose such check will reduce the number of false positives.

That sounds like a reasonable restriction. The goal is that maintainers
are aware that the game is not integrated in the user's desktop
environment because of missing desktop and menu files. I think an
informational warning should suffice.



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