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Re: Bugs: Please Build-Depends on libpng-dev, change from libpng12-dev

On Sat, Aug 3, 2013 at 10:26 AM, Anton Balashov wrote:

> Our team has may bugs [1] "Please Build-Depends on libpng-dev, change
> from libpng12-dev". It's easy to resolve and I think they will be a good
> start for me.

Probably a good start indeed.

> They were filed in March 2012. I have asked libpng@packages.debian.org
> is it still actual and they said:

There hasn't been any messages to the transition bug since before the
wheezy release, I'm wondering if it will still happen and what the
status is. I think the opinion of the release team would be more
useful here than that of the maintainer.

> 1. I should check all and make commit in the local master. Should I add
> any tags?

Tags should be added by people uploading to the archive, after the
package has been uploaded (or accepted).

> 3. Request here a review?
> 4. Add the package to the queue [2]. Should I edit the page for adding
> the package?

These are basically the same step. You'll need to register an account first.

> May be someone sign my key for in team working? I already ask
> debian-private@lists.debian.org and nobody can help me yet :)

Keysigning can only happen in person, so you will likely need to
travel to the closest Debian member or to the annual Debian


> One more question: Should I add my self to uploaders in debian/controls
> if I changed only package dependency?

Please see debian-policy for definitions of Uploaders and Maintainer:


If you don't intend to maintain the packages in the future, but just
do one upload then don't add yourself but use `dch --team`, which will
add 'Team upload' to debian/changelog.



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